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Celtic Triquetra

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35mm to 40mm

A Three line triquetra cirlced by fine celtic knot weave, creating multiple vesica portals for opening to any possibility. These symbols are often sought for finding new passions, love, arts, music, poetry, and magic.

It is Bright Pewter and size between 35mm to 40mm.

Celtic Meanings for Triad/Trinity/Triquetra

  • Spirit, Mind, Body
  • Father, Son, Holy Ghost
  • Mother, Father, Child
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Power, Intellect, Love
  • Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
  • Creation, Preservation, Destruction
  • Thought, Feeling, Emotion
  • Mother, Maiden, Crone
  • Other world, Mortal world, Celestial world

The circle often seen around the triquetra signifies the infinite and eternity. It also represents protection. Circles are often drawn around Celtic knots to represent spiritual unity with the devine - a connection that shall cannot be broken.

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