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Tibetan Spiral Palo Santo & Incense Burner

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Tibetan spiral burner with an antique, silver toned finish.

A pretty aluminium holder with a centre section that can hold either a standard chime candle (small narrow candles approx 1cm in diameter) or a natural Palo Santo stick.  Palo Santo comes in different shapes and sizes but a typical piece fits comfortably. However they can be shaved at the end for a better fit if your piece is too large (diameter of the hole at its widest is approx 2cm, narrower towards the base).

The raised Spirals design is finely polished with some darker contrasting. The burner is a approx 11cm across, and beautifully thick and sturdy - the main holder section is raised, making the burner approx 2cm in height at its highest point. 

As always never burn incense unattended, and place over a heatproof surface if using sticks that might overreach the size of the base.