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Orange Jade Pyramid Energy Generator

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A unique, handmade Orange Jade Pyramid Generator used for magnifying energy, healing, focusing intent, manifesting desires, meditation, gridwork, protection, and chakra balancing. 

This is a great tool for energy and healing work. 

Placing this Pyramid Generator in your home promotes a positive flow of energy in your space. It is approximately 7.6cm X 7.6cm. Because of the uniqueness of each crystal, they are one of a kind.  The center features a Orange Jade pyramid in the middle surrounded by 4 Orange Jade crystal points.

Use a pyramid in your healing work by placing your selected pyramid on each chakra or desired place or area. You can also place a pyramid under your healing table or wherever is needed.

You may also place this Energy Generator near sunlight at your office desk, living room, or bed-room to charge the space.

Properties of Jade

Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 6,000 years. It is a special stone believed to promote wisdom, balance, and peace. It has spiritual attributes, which are extremely distinct. This prehistoric sign of calm and peace is a unique, strong piece of tool that encourages our consciousness to increase at a higher level. Since the prehistoric time, Jade was regarded as a gemstone of nobility, power, and royalty most particularly in the East. 

Jade is a special gemstone of healing and stability. It relieves anxiety and lightens emotions developed from fear. This stone is one of the many gemstones, which never allow any negative energy or negative influences to affect the individual wearing it. It does not allow the entry of any external negative vibration. It simply protects people from getting disturbed by negative influences as it continues to emit cleansing and calming aura. Jade can also establish a closer connection between the different stages of the intellectual part of the body. Hence, it improves the mental capacity of a person. 

Orange Jade

Orange Jade brings joy and teaches the interconnectedness of all beings. It is energetic and quietly stimulating.