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Four Directions Set

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A 4 Directions Set based on the Native American Medicine Wheel, a sacred symbol of life, our planet and our connection to our ancestors and Spirit. They represent the four cardinal elements and four directions. The Four Directions are cardinal energies, the elements that surround us and work within our lives.

This set comes in a velvet pouch with four natural towers – one for each of the directions - North, South, East, and West.  It is perfect for altars, ritual or meditation and for crystal grids. They will help you call in, connect with and harness the power and wisdom of the four directions and their elements. You can use this set to honor the directions, to help balance your energies in ritual and magical work and to connect you with those primordial, spiritual forces.

According to Celtic and Native American traditions: fire corresponds to the South, water corresponds to the West, earth corresponds to the North, and air corresponds to the East. The four directions are integral to our spiritual work – they help us as we create sacred space, keeping us supported and grounded. When integrated, the four directions bring life, harmony, and their own unique energies.