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Reiki Bath Salts

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Healing Bath Salts (600g) infused with Reiki & Subtle Aromatherapy gently restores the subtle & physical body to a state of harmony, aiding healing, wholeness & balance. Drawn from the subtle vibrations of essential oils, gem elixers, flower essences & botanicals, these salts strengthen the auric field & inner vision, purify the subtle body, protect the aura & cleanses, promoting spiritual awareness, releasing of negative thoughts & emotions and clears the way for wisdom & transformation.

Choose from 2 blissfully scented Reiki infused salts each handcrafted with mineral rich KhoiSan sea salt, detoxifying epsom salts, PH balancing bicarbonate of soda, nourishing seed oils, cellular healing French green & bentonite clays, organic herbs, essential oils & flowers. 

Lovingly handcrafted in Nottingham Road. Reiki Sensual's healing products are crafted using raw materials & ingredients sourced locally & ethically across South Africa.

Every product is crafted in small batches. Made with natural, cold pressed & organic (where possible) carrier seed & nut oils, essential oils, flower essences, crystal elixirs, herbs and flowers.