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Abalone Shell Gift Set

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Abalaone Shell Gift Set. Consisting of a single 10cm to 12cm long Abalone Shell, a single 7 Chakra Sage White Sage Smudge Stick and a box of Ipalla Palo Santo Incense Sticks.

Abalone shells are used to burn loose herbs or sage. Please note black marks and black holes are considered normal as they are natural shells from sea, sometimes the black will chip off - All these are not considered defects or in any way used.

Natural rose petals are placed on the sage bundle thus the petals may vary in color or have some browning as the drying process occurs. Our White sage comes from the USA. Each smudge stick is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals, grown and wild crafted in a sustainable way.

Ispalla incenses are made with the highest quality of resins to offer a unique and relaxing experience. There are no chemical components in its preparation, each person who lights an Ispalla incense will be enjoying the unique aromas of Peru. Ispalla is a 100% sustainably harvested and ecological product. 

Size 10cm to 12cm long