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Chakra Balancing Anointing Oils

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Chakra ascension anointing oils for holistic practitioners looking to amplify healing on themselves or clients. Use to balance chakras in excessive or deficient states and accelerate chakra frequency to 5D. Anoint hands or crystals before placement.

Reiki Sensual’s 100% handcrafted healing and subtle energy therapy products gently restore balance, harmonise the auric field and align the energy centers of the body, which in turn support physical healing, and is ideal for therapists and those on the path of healing and spiritual ascension.

This Holistic Practitioner Range assists practitioners in:
o Setting and clearing a sacred space
o Creating higher consciousness
o Anointing self and clients
o Protection from negative energies
o Bringing in Higher Guidance
o Healing Auric tears, leaks and imbalances
o Chakra Balancing

Lovingly handcrafted in the magical Nottingham Road. Reiki Sensual's healing aromatherapy products are crafted using raw materials & ingredients sourced locally & ethically across South Africa.

Every product is crafted in small batches. Made with natural, cold pressed & organic (where possible) carrier seed & nut oils, essential oils, flower essences, crystal elixirs, herbs and flowers.  

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