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Olive Jade Heart Chipped Necklace

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An olive jade heart (20mm) with chips on suede with a multi size fastener to fit a number of sizes.

OLIVE JADE HEALING PROPERTIES: Though it is called a 'jade' in the gem trade, this beautiful olive green stone is actually a form of serpentine and carries a strong connection with earth energies. In  'The Book of Stones' by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian (excellent resource on gemstone healing energies) Serpentine is like the DNA of planet earth, carrying the matrix of evolution for the Earth herself. Through attunement with Serpentine, one can tune into the devic realms of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. This a powerful stone for anyone interested in Earth Healing. SPIRITUALLY Serpentine helps one find their deep connection and ability to commune with Planet Earth and nature. EMOTIONALLY this gem is very soothing, helping to balance mood swings, and protects from negative energies in one's environment. Physically it assists in cellular regeneration and assists in heart, liver and stomach complaints.