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Orgone Chakra Disc Set

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Crown Chakra Information

  • Location:- Crown (slightly above the head)
  • Color:- Violet/White
  • Description:-Center for transcendental insight, spiritual revelation, Divine communion. Related to angelic forces. All-being integration, cosmic consciousness, and knowledge of the Infinite are characteristic of this center. Commonly understood as the chakra of enlightenment.
  • Crystal - Amethyst

Brow Chakra Information:-

  • Location:- Forehead
  • Color:- Indigo
  • Description:-Seat of intellectual power and mental insight. Visualization, concentration, and memory are controlled at this level. Paranormal capacities of clairvoy­ance, precognition, telepathy, and subtle perception are developed through work on this chakra.
  • Crystal - Lapis Lazuli

Throat Chakra Information:-

  • Location:- Throat center/”Adam’s Apple”
  • Color:- Blue
  • Description:-Governs ability to communicate clearly and truthfully with others. Also related to creativity and aesthetics. The ability to take responsibility for oneself and one’s needs develops here as well. Also related to the capacity to receive and share nourishment, both bodily and psychological.
  • Crystal - Turquoise
Heart Chakra Information:-
  • Location:- Chest
  • Color:- Green
  • Description:- Center of love, pure affection and caring. Connectedness with all of life. Channels healing energy from heart, lower chakras. Also imbues a deep sense of calm, peace, and oneness. Considered to be the vital link be­tween lower, human chakras and higher, spiritual chakras.
  • Crystal - Malachite - solid protector of children. It is said to shield the wearer from mishaps and ensures explorers. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Information:-

  • Location:- Solar Plexus/Upper Abdomen
  • Color:-Yellow
  • Description:-Seat of willpower and personal identity. Strong ties to egoic behavior, pride, dominant behavior. Also related to fully awakening into oneself as an indi­vidual, and knowing one’s place in the world. Associated with aggressive mental energy and fire.
  • Crystal - Yellow Jasper - offers protection during spiritual work and physical travel. It channels positive vitality. It animates the sunlight based plexus chakra.

Sacral Chakra Information:-

  • Color:- Orange
  • Description:-Collection point for sensual and sexual energy in the body. Energy of polarity and opposites. Artistry, creativity, power of the imagination. Physically sinuous and sexy. Psychologically fickle, whimsical, lustful, chaotic. Related to lunar energy and the element of water.
  • Crystal - Carnelian

Root Chakra Information:-

  • Description:-Accumulator of earthy, stabilizing, vital energy. Related to the quality of “being grounded”, or having a strong, steady presence, both physical and psychological. Physically related to muscular strength, durability of bones, nails, and hair. Psychologically slow, patient, and loyal. Conceptually linked to gross matter, animal consciousness, forces of nature.
  • Crystal - Red Jasper