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Pentacle Pentagram Mat

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Pendulum mats made from a velvety black fabric. These mats are a practical way to take the guesswork out of pendulum readings. Featuring a central pentagram and words to help clarify your readings such as yes, no, maybe and try again. The mat is easy to fold and can be used to wrap your pendulum and other divination tools when you are on the move.

Swing your pendulum over this mat on your quest for Divine Knowledge and watch as it reveals “Yes,” “Maybe,” “Will Not Answer, “No,” “Try Again, or “Rephrase.” This is a fun and exciting way to use your pendulum in order to get more specific answers than using it without a mat, which only allows for the pendulum to provide “yes” or “no” information.

HOW TO USE YOUR PENDULUM AND MAT: Shield yourself in a bubble of pure white light and ask to connect with your highest guides and angels. Hold your pendulum over this mat with a steady hand and ask your question. Ask that only positive energy of the highest vibration and white light guide you. Allow it to answer you as it begins to swing toward opposite navigational points. Once it is swinging distinctly towards an answer on the mat, you will have your answer.

Approx: 20cm x 30cm