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Purify & Energise - Protective Aura and Space Clearing Mist

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Hand Crafted using aromatherapy, infused with Reiki, Moonlight Magic, Divine Blessings and Love. Each 200ml amber bottle of aura spray is blessed and charged with a clear quartz crystal inside the bottle.

Disharmony, illness & imbalances imprint in the aura before manifesting into the physical body. Our auras (energy field around us) accumulate and carry the daily stress, shock, trauma, experiences, situations and energies from the environment and those around us, accumulating over time. The benefits of daily aura and space cleansing help to:

  • Prevent the accumulation of negative energies stuck in your energy field
  • Clear energetic blockages on the spiritual pathway
  • Balance, harmonise, purify and energise the subtle body 
  • Transmute and shift negative & blocked energies
  • Bring in the protection of the Angelic Realm and Divine
  • Renews and lift energies in spaces
  • Refresh and protect healers’ energies and clear healing rooms
  • Enhance meditation and support spiritual ascension
  • Raise your vibrations helping you feel great physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Lovingly handcrafted in Nottingham Road. Reiki Sensual's healing products are crafted using raw materials & ingredients sourced locally & ethically across South Africa.

Every product is crafted in small batches. Made with natural, cold pressed & organic (where possible) carrier seed & nut oils, essential oils, flower essences, crystal elixirs, herbs and flowers.  

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