Rose Quartz and Garnet Healing Wand

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  • A hand-carved Rose Quartz Gemstone Wand embedded with garnet stones. This wand has a crystal sphere at the top and a crystal point at the bottom. Traditionally wands have been used to focus and direct energy for relaxing and blessings.

    Rose Quartz is said to assist in restoring trust and harmony, gently drawing off negative energy and replacing it with loving vibrations. It is considered by many as the finest of soothing gemstones. Rose Quartz believes in self-love as a necessary tool to attract love, this stone helps to teach how to love yourself, and accept all aspects of self. It is said that if Rose Quartz is placed by the bed or relationship corner of a home it will attract love and relationships. Magnifying creativity and imagination, this is a good stone to assist with writing, art, and music.

    Size of each Wand is between 12.7cm to 17.78cm long

    Please note that these wands are hand-made with natural crystals and their sizes and colors may vary.