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Rose Quartz Wire Wrap Pendant

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Rose Quartz wire wrapped, double pointed healing pendants. Size 5cm to 7cm.

Rose Quartz is a gemstone of unconditional love that opens your heart to every type of love—love of self, love for your partner, love for your family, the love of everything on Earth. It carries gentle, soothing energies that help to calm your emotions and rejuvenate your emotional body. It cleanses your aura, releasing stress, tension, anger and resentment. Rose Quartz replaces these negative energies with feelings of hope, faith and inner peace

Double terminated crystals have distinct points at both ends. A double termination radiates or absorbs energy at both ends concurrently. This causes it to channel energy in two directions at once. A double terminated crystal integrates spirit and matter and offers an effective bridge between two energy points.