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Sacred Narmada Puffy Heart

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These are beautifully cut Narmada Puffy Hearts. They are sourced from the banks of the Sacred Narmada River in India. This river is considered to be very special and one of the most powerful healing streams of our planet. The heart size is between 4.5cm to 5.5cm. 

According to the Sacred Narmada River is one of the Sapta Gangas – Seven Holy Rivers of India. The Hindustani Legends identify it with “Reva” of epic celebrity, which is described as the “sweat” flowing out of Lord Shiva’s own body when he performed his Cosmic Dance “Thandhava” and therefore considered as holiest of rivers. It’s waters are of such purifying quality that the polluted River Ganges makes an yearly visit to the Narmada in the form of a black cow or a dark woman for a purifying dip in the Sacred Narmada River, to cleanse her collected sins. On the river bank of the Narmada is the Omkareshwar, the most famous among the twelve Jyothirlingas.

As the Narmada River has strong currents and is accessable only during dry seasons, certain families (who hold the “rights” ancestorily for doing this, and passed down through generations and have been traditionally trained, to identify only the most special stones) are allowed to harvest the stones from the river once a year after a special ceremony while the river is low, when the stones may be more easily collected. Once collected, these Sacred Stones are finally hand-polished with a waxy butter – a mystic mixture of mud, dung, natural oils, special herbs and wax by specially trained artisans to bring out the natural markings which are inherent in their composition and a unique, soft glow. This is much like a diamond cutter who cuts rough material to bring out the best in the diamond. The holy waters of the River Narmada protect these rounded bed rocks within its darkness, and when polished as per the prescription, their inner beauty is revealed to us. 

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