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Sandalwood Mala

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  • A soothing and aromatic Sandalwood Jap Mala. Sandalwood is the symbol of Brahma and blessed by Lakshmi. It enlightens the consciousness and provides improved concentration.

    A mala is a tool for meditation and prayer and is usually a string of 108 beads with one bead as the summit bead called a 'sumeru'.

    Sandalwood’s magical powers are believed to enhance your meditation and increase the power of your wishes. It's benefits are Clairvoyance, divination, good luck, meditation, protection and success.

    Grown in Asia and East India, Sandalwood was originally used at funeral ceremonies; burnt so the scent could carry the soul into the next life. The aroma which retains its fragrance for decades, comes from the wood itself. The warm soothing scent of sandalwood helps the mind to unwind and helps open the heart to love.

    Size of beads: 6mm

    Weight: 15 grams