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    Selenite Flower of Life Palm Stones

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    Pretty Flower of Life embossed Selenite palm stones.

    Selenite Palm Stones help clear unwanted energies. They are perfect to hold in your palm during meditation, helping you relax, clear all worries of the day and connect with your higher self. Selenite is considered a must-have crystal as it is a high vibration stone.  You can leave them on your altar when you are not meditating to cleanse your other stones or set at the top of your mat during yoga, this is a powerful tool that emits harmony and positive high frequency throughout the room. Note Selenite dissolves in water. To recharge the palm stone, you can place it in moonlight or smudge it with sage and set new intensions.

    Selenite has the following properties

  • Is used for good luck
  • has a calming energy
  • brings clarity
  • is used for protection of the house
  • can remove energy blocks
  • amplifies the energy of other stones
  • brings integrity
  • stabilizes emotions
  • is a great tool for meditation
  • can be used for healing on all levels
  • is a great tool to set intentions
  • can be used for visualizing
  • can alleviate skin problems like psoriasis
  • has a positive effect on cancer patients
  • can bring a youthful appearance
  • can clear emotional negativity
  • can be a good energetic shield
  • has a soothing effect on epilepsy patients
  • can infuse the room with high vibration
  • can bring higher consciousness
  • brings mental flexibility
  • can clear confusion
  • can help us connect with spirit guides
  • can help us make good decisions
  • is a great feng shui tool
  • can clear mental negativity
  • is a good aid in spiritual practice
  • can clear and align the chakras
  • brings inner peace
  • opens up the third eye and crown chakra
  • brings divine wisdom
  • can be used for scrying
  • can be used to glimpse in the future
  • can be used to glimpse in the past
  • can be used to evoke the protection of angels
  • can remove energetic parasites from the aura