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Yellow Turquoise Bracelet

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An elasticated Yellow Turquoise Bracelet.

Yellow Turquoise is ajasper/serpentine stone withhematite webbing, rather than a true turquoise. It is said to be helpful for enhancing communication, intuition, and creativity. It is also used to bring wisdom particularly through meditation. Yellow Turquoise is said to increase serenity via balance, honesty, and an ability to adjust to changes in life. It is also used as a protection stone, that brings an increase of personal power and energy by protecting the same. It is considered a wonderful general healing stone by many. Yellow Turquoise is also said to bring positive energy and sensitivity. Yellow Turquoise is associated primarily with thesolar plexus chakra but is also used to strengthen and alignall the chakras.

Natural gemstone. Comes in organza bag.

Elasticated with Width - 7.5cm. Beads are 8mm.