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    Om Orgone Pendant

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    A stunning orgonite pendant specifically designed with the energy of the Ohm, which symbolises the sound which created the universe into being. This pendant was hand crafted in Belgium by a beautiful soul. It was crafted out of multiple gemstones, is approx 4cm in diameter, has a black leather necklace and is encased in a pretty burgundy pouch.

    Gemstones Used: Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Sodalite, Amazonite, Turquoise.

    Materials used are High quality resin, gemstones, brass shavings. It is approx. 4 cm in diameter and the necklace is black leather. 

    This is an orgonite pendant, which means it creates a positive energy and cleanses the atmosphere of negative harmfull energies coming from electromagnetic devises.
    Orgone is a type of energy that is present everywhere and that influences us by providing a conduit for all of the other energy that you wish to focus upon .
    Orgonite is a material made specifically to capture, transform and release orgone energy. It is a combination of quartz, metal and resin.

    • It is said to help you have a deeper sleep and more vivid dreams
    • To help plants grow
    • To boost your immune system
    • To give you more energy
    • To help restore inner peace and help against stress and anxiety.