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About Us

Soul Sparks is a new age, crystal and esoteric shop. 

Soul Sparks Creator Nitasha Sookraj first envisaged Soul Sparks in 2004 on a beautiful summers day in Glastonbury (Earth's Heart Chakra) during a sacred Goddess festival. It was founded by her desire to follow her highest soul path and live a heart centred and balanced life. Since then she has created a unique company that appeals to all. She is an Intuitive Reader, Energy/Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master (Lighterian, Karuna, Kundalini and Usui) and a Munay Ki and Metaphysical Practioner.

Soul Sparks prides itself on offering affordable and high vibrational gemstones, sourced from long standing and reputable companies from around the globe. We are a haven for wearable energies (crystals), harmonising and uplifting gemstones, space cleansing smudges and sprays, healing wands and kits, reiki and chakra products and much more. At Soul Sparks we believe in making new age tools, products and wisdom accessible to all

We are an online shop, based in Kyalami, Midrand (South Africa), open since 2012 and deliver throughout South Africa whilst offering collections from our Kyalami base.