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    5D Crystal Grids

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    Beautiful and serene crystal grids made by the gifted Art and Soul.  

    A labour of love. Each grid is hand crafted, coated in glittery resin and embedded with natural crystals and a metatrons cube. Each grid is unique and embodies a different theme. 

    Metatron’s Cube is a powerful symbol that can help you connect spiritually to your oneness with the Universe. By using this symbol, you can access higher levels of consciousness and achieve greater spiritual understanding.  Metatron’s Cube is a spiritual geometric shape representing balance, harmony, creative opportunities, and energy flow throughout the Universe. Metatron’s Cube is one of the most influential spiritual symbols in Sacred Geometry. It is said to contain the secrets of the Universe, and its patterns are thought to be a gateway into higher dimensions. It’s a symbolic representation of balance, harmony, and spiritual energy. It can also be used as a tool for protection, as it is said to absorb and clear negative energies and shield you from harm. If you feel under attack spiritually or emotionally, try meditating with it for some support and protection.

    1. Abundance Metatron Grid - A beautiful and power Citrine and Black Tourmaline Metatron Grid. The citrine is ideal for attracting abundance, joy and positivity. The black tourmaline is perfect enhancing protection and repelling negative energy. 

    2. Violet Flame Metatron Grid- A beautiful Violet Lavender grid with amethyst, white quartz, rose quartz, black tourmaline and black obsidian crystals.  

    3.  Wisdom & Communication Grid - Soft Blue Metatrons Cube Grid. Embedded with communication enhancing Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite. Protective Black tourmaline, Energizing and healing clear quartz and more crystals.

    Size : All the grids are 30cm in diameter circles.

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