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7 Chakra Gift Box Set

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  • Chakras are energy centers of the body, and each one is responsible for certain physical, spiritual, and emotional functions. Focusing on and balancing our chakras can help realign them. This set of seven colored agate stones lets you meditate on whatever Chakra you feel needs work. The Stones are packaged in a Tree of Life box. Each stone is about 3cm long, a nice size to hold in your hand or keep in your pocket.

    Crown Chakra (Amethyst) for Wisdom, Clarity, Self-Realization, Divine Connection

    Third Eye Chakra (Sodalite) for Sight, Pure Reality, Intuition, Insight

    Throat Chakra (Lapis) for Compassion, Listening, Communication

    Heart Chakra (Green Aventurine) for Gratitude, Forgiveness, Self-Acceptance

    Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow Aventurine) for Self Esteem, Empowerment and Personal Power

    Sacral Chakra (Orange Aventurine) for Wellness, Sexuality, Creativity

    Root Chakra (Red Jasper) for Survival, Confidence, Feeling Grounded